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The Leadership Development Institute for Young Women supports values-aligned schools to makes leadership development a core part of the school's programming. We work with schools to create their own in-school leadership development programs by tailoring and leveraging our best-practice programs, resources and leader development framework, including:

  • In-School Coach Certification of Select Faculty and Educators

  • Whole-School faculty and staff development on the coaching best-practices in the classroom

  • A full-day integrated leadership conference for students to launch the program

  • A four-year evidence-based, applied neuroscience leadership curriculum taught during the academic school day by certified in-school leadership coaches. 

Programming takes place over four years to develop confidence, resiliency, and voice to change the direction of girls' lives. The coursework is taught by trained coaches during the regular school day and is an integral part of every student's academic development. 

Upon completion of the course program, girls receive a Certificate in Leadership Development.

We are grateful to The Doerr Institute at Rice University for their "First Principles" Model of Evidence-Based Leader Development that serves as the framework for our initiative bringing evidence-based leader development to secondary education.

Program Overview: Service
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